2012 Frank Roberts Memorial Scholarship for Staff Recipient Update

Julie CattBy Julie Catt

I have now completed ten years of working for Child & Family Development Programs. I have continued in the position of center manager for the program. I completed my Master’s Degree from Capella University in December 2013. I graduated with honors and a 4.0 cumulative GPA. The Frank Roberts Scholarship supported me in achieving this goal.

When I look back at my goals and aspirations submitted when applying for the scholarship, I feel that I am continuing to successfully progress on my goals. I have used information gained from my education on new research and what is current in the field to better support the staff I supervise. In particular I have gained new insights to share with them in how to approach observation and assessment in the class room, which further impacts the ability to plan for classroom activities with more focused intent.

A second goal was to increase my opportunities to train and coach other early childhood professionals. In March of 2014 I started to teach for Portland Community College as adjunct faculty for the early childhood education and family studies department. I received feedback from students they enjoyed my enthusiasm and my passion for the field was very evident. I look forward to teaching more classes and being able to use what knowledge I have gained through my own education and experiences to help support other professionals in the field. One unexpected benefit from completing my degree is I understand the challenges faced by my adult students who are working to gain new knowledge and skills in the profession, often while juggling education with work and family. Furthermore, as part of the adult education community I am connecting with other early childhood professionals that share my passion for promoting best practices in the field. I am proud to be part of a program aligned with the National Association for the Education of Young Children program outcomes for ECE professionals, and I look forward to teaching more classes in the future.