Letter Writing Guide

Want to write a letter to your legislators, but aren’t sure how? Check out this great letter writing guide!

This document is designed to help you get into contact with your legislators. Sometimes this is done when we want our voices heard on a specific issue and sometimes it is just to let them know about us. One of our greatest powers as parents is our voice and our stories. These stories help make personal the positive impact Head Start has on our families to our politicians. Many appreciate letters from us. This document has contact information and a form letter.

Tips for Advocacy

Here are some tips shared by Karelia Harding around advocacy

  • Be flexible about what is defined as “winning”
  • Always consider the next move, next year
  • Do not burn bridges
  • The best advocates have relationships that go beyond advocacy
  • Debate is not only inevitable, it is healthy
  • be a “team player” and do not get mired in your own importance
  • Read everything, try to go to all meetings- 90% of success is just showing up
  • Help when you can, even if it’s not something you would normally do
  • if you do no work, you don’t get to complain
  • Spread your message everywhere you go and take advantage of opportunities
  • Evaluate regularly whether participation is still worth it and if the benefits continue

Persuasion and Creating Relationships

  • Know as much as you can about your target
  • Meet with them where they are
  • Be friendly, helpful
  • Be sure what you want to say, practice
  • Get it down to an “elevator ride”
  • NEVER make anything up- there is nothing wrong with saying “I’ll get back to you on that” and make sure you follow through
  • Understand that sometimes the answer is no