These Doors- A Poem

By: Shannon Lynn McGee
Mt. Hood Community College Head Start Parent

When we walked up to these doors one day,
To a building called Head Start.
I didn’t know what lied ahead, as our world was just torn apart,
At this time in our lives, we were in need of support, as I finally took a stand,
And as we walked through those doors, to my surprise,
we were welcomed with open hands,
The staff showed us love and kindness, as well as opened my eyes to see,
that there are wonderful, compassionate people who were willing to stick by me,
They believed in me through struggling times, and hugged me when I cried,
They laughed with me through good times, and recognized how hard I tried,
Most of all, I will never forget when the day is done,
All of the love, support, and encouragement that you have bestowed on my son,
As we walk out the door, I am grateful to say; we don’t feel alone anymore,
For I have found a family that I have grown to love, and people who I adore,
Even though we’ll shut the door behind us, you have a permanent place in our hearts,
That all started with going through the doors one day,
of a building called Head Start.

Thank you for all your support!

Shannon McGee