Shawna Rodrigues

July Collaboration Office Corner

June has been a busy month in Oregon’s Collaboration Office. Summer Institute was a great success and we look forward to sharing more data in regards to our participants once that comes available. Staff at the Early Learning Division, including our Interim Early Learning Systems Director David Mandell, were able to join Oregon’s Head Start Directors for the final morning of their three-day June meeting. This was a valuable opportunity for the two groups to learn more about the priorities for the coming biennium and map out how the Association and Early Learning Division can work together. Multiple workgroups were established and are being organized. Information from their work together will be shared at future Director’s meetings.

Work on Spark (Oregon’s quality rating and improvement system for child care) continues to move along steadily. We have released the second draft of the new Tiers and Standards; they can be found on the Early Learning Division website under the page for the Spark Revision Ad Hoc Committee; June meeting materials “Spark Standards draft 6-9- 17” (

The Early Learning Division is excitedly awaiting our new Early Learning Systems Director, Miriam Calderon. Miriam is set to begin in mid-July and is scheduled to meet with regional staff from the Office of Head Start in early November. There are various vacancies at the Early Learning Division which we hope to fill once the hiring freeze is lifted.

Feel free to let me know if there are other things you would like to see in this corner.

Respectfully submitted by Shawna Rodrigues, LCSW
Oregon Head Start Collaborations Director