About us

The Oregon Head Start Association (OHSA) seeks to empower and advocate for Head Start programs through professional development and training, peer support, scholarships, posting employment opportunities, and advocating at the state and national levels. OHSA is a powerful advocate and promoter of quality programs for children and families as they prepare for life-long success.
The Oregon Head Start Association (OHSA) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit association which provides leadership, advocacy, and training for Oregon Head Start Pre Kindergarten (OPK), Head Start (HS), and Early Head Start (EHS) programs. The Association serves parents, staff, directors and volunteers throughtraining activities,scholarship, conferences, website and assistance with resource development. We are governed by a 13 memberExecutive Boardand are members of theNational Head Start Association (NHSA). Learn more about ourhistory andorganization.

Our mission & vision

Serving the Families of Oregon’s Youngest and Most Vulnerable Children

The Oregon Head Start, Prekindergarten, and Early Head Start programs serve the families of young children who face significant risk factors affecting school success. Enrollment priority goes to children most in need, including:

  • Children living in poverty (100% of Federal Poverty Level);
  • Children with disabilities or serious health/mental health concerns; and
  • Children from families affected by mental health issues, child abuse or neglect, incarceration, parent illness/disability, domestic violence, substance abuse, homelessness, foster care or other serious concerns.
  • Families receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits are now eligible for Head Start programs.


Oregon Head Start Association works to create a world where Head Start staff receive equitable wages; where parents are involved in their children's education; where Head Start is a role model of what community can be; and where every eligible child has access to the life-changing opportunity to attend Head Start.

our Staff

Nancy Perin

OHSA Executive Director

Ruby Miller

Administrative Coordinator
Board members

Charleen Strauch

President, Director Member at Large

Rebekah Anglin Martin

Vice President, Parent Member at Large

Hilda Pena-Alfro

Director Member at Large

Heidi Johnson

Staff Member at Large

Carrie Schulz

Staff Member at Large

Ash Lombardo

Parent Member at Large

Darcee Kilsdonk

RXHSA Director Rep

Aimee Tenbrook

Secretary, RXHSA Staff Rep

Moises Montiel

RXHSA Parent Rep

Suey Linzmeier